Review: ALG Defense AKT AK Trigger (Part 2 – “Everybody Loves It”)


After shooting it in my Arsenal SLR – 107F, shooting it in my M92 PAP SBR and just about every other AK I own…the verdict is in: the ALG Defense AKT AK Trigger is definitely the “go to” trigger to have in an AK. For the price point and performance, you can’t beat it.

With that said, I will admit that the “fitting” of the roll pin for the safety can be a little funky – it took us a solid 30 minutes to get it right in my brother’s Yugo M70B1 (I gave him an AKT as a Christmas gift), but he loves it – going so far as to say that it has completely changed the rifle for him.

Ultimately, I highly recommend the AKT and Arms Unlimited tends to have the best price when you consider shipping.

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