Review: MagPul’s Glock Magazine

Everyone loves MagPul…Right?  They are one of the most well-known brands in the firearms industry and for good reason.  They make solid products at a competitive price point and can make anyone or any gun feel operator as f*<k (which is clearly the most important metric in life).  Even in the midst of moving from Colorado and cranking out millions of standard AR PMags, MagPul began to support an entirely new platform with the AK PMag and AK MOE & ZHUKOV stock/handguard sets.

But I think I was most surprised by the recent announcement that MagPul was going to begin producing magazines in 9MM for the Glock 17.  When I first saw the press release, I did know if I liked the idea…Glock magazines with no metal liner?  Sounds like some notoriously unreliable magazines from South Korea.  Ewwww.

Fortunately, I got a chance to check out these new magazines first hand at SHOT Show 2015 and I was really impressed.

IMG_0206 IMG_0209IMG_0208

The polymer used is a different variety than what’s used on the PMags, it has a much stiffer and stronger feel.  The amount of material in specific areas (such as a the feed lips) looks to be so thick, you’re never going to break it – or if you did, you’d break an OEM Glock magazine too.  Functionality wise, the magazines all inserted and dropped freely (although I did not get to check with a loaded magazine).  With an MSRP of $16 and a likely street price of $10 – $14, this is a winner for me and is sure to make our old friend Ralph very sad.


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