Review: ALG Defense AKT AK Trigger (Part 1 – “So Far, So Good”)


After my abysmal experience with the Tac-Con Raptor AK trigger, I was looking forward to the ALG Defense AKT.  I ordered mine shortly after they were released and promptly installed it on my Arsenal SLR-107F (a gun that the Tac-Con would not work in).

Unlike the Tac-Con, installation was an absolute breeze.   Other than the pin that you need to press in and then file to fit for the proper safety engagement (which isn’t necessary for the trigger to work) – it’s totally simple.  If you can do a Tapco or an AR trigger – this is nothing.

And the outcome?  An extremely short and fairly light trigger (darn, I need a trigger gauge) but if you’re disciplined about it, you can “stage” it and have an idea when it’s going to break.  Crisp, audible – CLICK – reset.  The cycle of the bolt seems a bit rougher – rubbing on the unfinished part of the hammer – unlike my well worn Tapco hammer.  Also the ALG has no over travel which is nice compared to the Tapco G2.  Ultimately, the trigger reminds me of the Tac-Con but it’s a fraction of the cost, installs without beating the snot of out of your rifle and the safety functions without much effort.  Seems like a winner, right?

Speak of of my safety…it’s probably out of their “safe” spec zone but the roll pin (mentioned earlier) they include to adjust that is too long (AK tolerances).  As a result, they expect you to sit there and file it down (meh, maybe later).  Basically, the trigger will rock back and forth a bit while on safe but that happens on my Tapco G2 triggers as well.  With the AKT, the sear engagement surfaces are smaller – which is why they want that extra degree of caution.  To test the safety without the roll pin, I put my rifle on safe and really jammed on the trigger multiple times and could not get it to drop.

It’s worth noting that I think they reacted to the first round of reviews saying the trigger was too light and they now include an auxiliary trigger spring which will increase the trigger pull.  To be clear, the basic ALG trigger is slightly more complicated that a standard trigger but you throw that extra spring in there you’re really starting to muck up a simple trigger group that the AK relies on.
I’ll take it out for a function test in the next week or so…keep an eye out for Part 2!