TacPack – A gear subscription, for us.

For a while now, my wife has been receiving a monthly subscription of beauty products from a place called GlossyBox.  It’s a pretty nifty idea where you receive a handful of luxury beauty items.  The hope is that the customer will like some or all of the product and will then buy more from the manufacturer.  As I mentioned, it’s a nice idea and she’s usually excited when it arrives in the mail.

So, imagine my curiosity when my Facebook feed showed me a tactical version called the TacPak.  Per their website: “A TacPack is a gift box full of tactical gear that gets delivered to your door step every month. Each month you will receive a package through the mail with 3-7 pieces of new tactical & EDC gear inside…..”.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and sign up, mainly to see if I could feel that same euphoria that my wife receives when her GlossyBox arrives.

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