Review: P-Mate Female Disposable Urine Director

Today we have a special treat – a brief review conducted by my wife & written by me!  We wanted to highlight a product that we’ve had in hand for a while and just recently got the opportunity to use (during a long bike ride) – the P-Mate!

The P-Made is described as a “Disposable Urine Director” so women can stand to pee (an increasingly crowded space with several other products making the same claim).  This concept is awesome because in addition to coming in handy while out in the middle of nowhere, the other benefit is that it means no more squatting over a gross toilet/portapotty.  Yet, the P-Mate is unique in the sense that it is made of paper and can be easily folded and stored in minimal space (and minimal).

My wife tried it and loved it.  She commented that it was a little weird not squatting – but that she could probably get over that with time.  She was more impressed with the product and felt it would be best served for toilets or portapotties as women’s underwear still needs to be dropped for the product to work (and that might be awkward in a more “public” location).  She suggested that we include some in our day bags for large outdoor events and hikes.

Overall, she highly recommends the P-Mate and given Amazon’s price point ($6.55 for a pack of 5), we both think they are fairly reasonably priced!  Learn more at:

Review: Mid State Firearms – Another Day, Another Test

As some of you may recall, we had a fairly infamous review of a Mid State Firearms upper that I bought in the Spring of 2015:

This upper gave me a lot of headaches…

Years went by and we got a lot of comments to my review – admittedly, many of them were positive – describing awesome experiences with Mid State Firearms and their products.  So, when Mid State reached out and asked if I’d consider reviewing some of their newest offerings – I figured, hell yeah – let’s give these guys a chance and show people what this company is doing now.  And you know – I’m happy I did that.

There are a lot of folks at the price point of Mid State Firearms and I was impressed to see some premium options that buyers can include on their builds (without tripling the price).

Something that really attracted my attention (but I sadly didn’t end up going for) was the non-NFA 10.5 inch (+shroud) 300 Blackout Upper.

That is a really cool option for someone that doesn’t want to pay/wait for an SBR tax stamp but already has a suppressor.

Given that this upper was supposed to be light weight for the wife’s first AR, I decided to go with a pencil contour 16 inch .223 Wylde upper…but after perusing the Mid State State Firearms Instagram account, I found this photo of some unusually colored BCGs:

These OilSlick Rainbow BCGs, were exactly the type of thing that I wanted to find and a fairly reasonable price compared to comparable premium retailers – so that got included as well.

Next came choosing a rail and I was excited to see a very modern offering that was slim and offered everything I wanted for this build.

Speaking directly with MSF was easy and once the order was placed – we set out to purchase everything else for the lower build (MFT Minimalist Stock, MagPul SL Grip, ALG Defense ACT, etc).

Keep any eye out for Part 2 – where we see what MSF is bringing to the table these days (heads up: we were very impressed).

At the range with the Angel Armor – “Ally One”

At the 2017 SHOT SHOW, one of the items that turned all of our heads were the offerings from Angel Armor.  From magnetic ballistic plates to inserts that slide into your car door, they seemed obsessed with making everything bulletproof.

One of their products was called the “Ally One”.  It is a 9″x12″ ballistic “shield” that weighs less than a pound and is less than 1/4″ thick.

We were able to pick one of these up at SHOT  with the intention of seeing what it really could do.  When I was talking to the Angel Armor staff, I asked if they had tested it against the Federal HST, which is a leading choice in carry ammo.  They told me they had not.  A lightbulb went off in my head and I knew what needed to happen.

3 months later, and I couldn’t wait any longer. The hope was for nice weather, multiple camera angles, and a kick ass video.  Well, all I got was a kick ass video with a single camera angle.   I was assisted by a few other WaGuns members, as well as my 10 year old son, Ryan.

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Safe Insight: Tactical Knife Class (“Yeah, I Need to Sharpen My Knife…”)

Safe Insight: Practice Until You Can’t Get it Wrong

Like many folks, I carry a folding knife every day as part of my EDC.  My primary knife is a SOG Zoom Mini and while it’s primary duty is opening boxes – I’ve always entertained the idea that it could play a role as a defensive weapon if I was disarmed by a “gun free zone” or simply couldn’t access my carry gun.  With that in mind, it occurred to me that I might want to get some knife training and Mike, former LEO and owner of Safe Insight suggested that I join a class he was offering.

The course ran us through a number of several self defense fundamentals – including:

  • How close is “too close” when it comes to edged weapons?
  • How to hold a knife when engaged in self defense?
  • What type of a knife is truly dangerous?
Mike C. breaks down the technique

As we went through the class, it became clear that like many weapons – the knife was an extension of my basic physical ability to stop the threat, break contact and escape.  When attacked from behind, we practiced a technique to throw the attacker off balance and then draw our (training) blades.  Similarly, as we wrestled on the ground – the knife was not the first thing we grabbed – instead, we learned “the can opener” – before attempting to use a knife.

It was great to see the class went beyond talking, bullet points and PowerPoint slides…by getting hands-on (literally), I learned a lot about how to handle myself in a close quarters self defense situation.  Equally important – I learned that my carry knife is woefully dull.  I won’t ruin the surprise at the end of the class – but I did get to use my knife and it failed miserably.

I guess I need to head up to SOG’s corporate headquarters (in Lynnwood, WA) and get my knife sharpened and I recommend you head the same direction and take a class with Safe Insight!