At the range with the Angel Armor – “Ally One”

At the 2017 SHOT SHOW, one of the items that turned all of our heads were the offerings from Angel Armor.  From magnetic ballistic plates to inserts that slide into your car door, they seemed obsessed with making everything bulletproof.

One of their products was called the “Ally One”.  It is a 9″x12″ ballistic “shield” that weighs less than a pound and is less than 1/4″ thick.

We were able to pick one of these up at SHOT  with the intention of seeing what it really could do.  When I was talking to the Angel Armor staff, I asked if they had tested it against the Federal HST, which is a leading choice in carry ammo.  They told me they had not.  A lightbulb went off in my head and I knew what needed to happen.

3 months later, and I couldn’t wait any longer. The hope was for nice weather, multiple camera angles, and a kick ass video.  Well, all I got was a kick ass video with a single camera angle.   I was assisted by a few other WaGuns members, as well as my 10 year old son, Ryan.

One thing I didn’t get into in the video was that even though this plate is rigid, it’ actually moldable without losing the IIIA rating.  So you can contour it to fit your bag, body, etc and not have to worry about it becoming a weak point.

If you watched the video above, then you know my feelings on the Angel Armor… It’s amazing.  If you didn’t watch the video, then just read the previous sentence as gospel.

Now that my only Ally One is shot to pieces, I’ll be snagging a few more… I think you should too.  In fact, I think there will be a WaGuns group buy setup in the very near future.

If you are not a part of (shame, shame), or if you miss out on the group buy, the Ally One and the rest of Angel Armors offerings are available at as well as a plethora of other online retailers.

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