Review: American Reloading (“Four Guys Walk Into a Bar…”)

The WaGuns crew was at SHOT in Vegas…settling down for dinner and a beer several beers at the joint inside the lobby of our luxurious off-strip motel.

Rocking our WaGuns gear, we frequently get stopped by folks for good and for bad:

– “Hey, my parents live in Washington!…I would love to move back.”
– “Excuse me, what’s up with that background check law that y’all passed up there?”
– “Can I meet that guy who did the Armscor interview on YouTube?”

Tonight was no different and two guys from an adjacent table leaned over and asked if we were from Washington…we said we were and they quickly introduced themselves to be representatives of American Reloading.  We chatted for a while and they casually suggested to send us some ammo for testing and evaluation – I didn’t really think it would happen, but a few days later I got an e-mail asking for a shipping address…two days after that, I had a huge box of ammo waiting for me at home (sorry, UPS guy!).


Packaged in bulk but still, the boxes were heavy duty and much more sturdy than what I’ve seen from fly-by-night reloading outfits.


All of the brass (the .223 in particular) was bright and shiny – couldn’t ask for much more than that!

So, how did this stuff shoot?  Pretty well, I must say.  At an Action Pistol and SBR/Suppressor Demo hosted at Interlake Sporting Association, the American Reloading .223 was the only ammo shot out of my 10.5 inch SBR (with a SilencerCo Omega), and I had zero ammo related malfunctions (there were a handful of magazine-related malfunctions, but that’s a story for another day).  I would also add – there wasn’t nearly as much gas blowing back into my face when shooting the SBR (with or without the suppressor)…so I’m not sure if American Reloading is using different/faster burning powder or what – but that is a huge plus to me.  The American Reloading 9MM (115gr) was also heavily used as it was barely supersonic at 1080 FPS and was a good way to demonstrate the difference between supersonic and subsonic loads when using a suppressor.  While I can’t speak to the accuracy of the ammo (most of it was used for demonstration purposes), when I took my first shots of the day (before the targets were all ripped up) – it seemed to do just fine.

I typically get my plinking ammo from Freedom Munitions, but I’ll definitely be watching the sales/prices at American Reloading from now on.

2 thoughts on “Review: American Reloading (“Four Guys Walk Into a Bar…”)”

  1. Hey there,

    I was checking out the American Reloading website that you linked to. Looks like they sell components, but don’t see any ammo on their website. Did what you receive from them a preview? Can’t wait to try out some when it is available.

  2. Interesting. American Reloading is my go to place for pulled bullets as they usually have some cool stuff in stock and at good prices. I’ve never seen them offer loaded ammo, although they have primers, powder, cases, and bullets for sale on their site. Maybe this is a new venture they are starting and needed some feedback?

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