Review: Mid State Firearms – Another Day, Another Test

As some of you may recall, we had a fairly infamous review of a Mid State Firearms upper that I bought in the Spring of 2015:

This upper gave me a lot of headaches…

Years went by and we got a lot of comments to my review – admittedly, many of them were positive – describing awesome experiences with Mid State Firearms and their products.  So, when Mid State reached out and asked if I’d consider reviewing some of their newest offerings – I figured, hell yeah – let’s give these guys a chance and show people what this company is doing now.  And you know – I’m happy I did that.

There are a lot of folks at the price point of Mid State Firearms and I was impressed to see some premium options that buyers can include on their builds (without tripling the price).

Something that really attracted my attention (but I sadly didn’t end up going for) was the non-NFA 10.5 inch (+shroud) 300 Blackout Upper.

That is a really cool option for someone that doesn’t want to pay/wait for an SBR tax stamp but already has a suppressor.

Given that this upper was supposed to be light weight for the wife’s first AR, I decided to go with a pencil contour 16 inch .223 Wylde upper…but after perusing the Mid State State Firearms Instagram account, I found this photo of some unusually colored BCGs:

These OilSlick Rainbow BCGs, were exactly the type of thing that I wanted to find and a fairly reasonable price compared to comparable premium retailers – so that got included as well.

Next came choosing a rail and I was excited to see a very modern offering that was slim and offered everything I wanted for this build.

Speaking directly with MSF was easy and once the order was placed – we set out to purchase everything else for the lower build (MFT Minimalist Stock, MagPul SL Grip, ALG Defense ACT, etc).

Keep any eye out for Part 2 – where we see what MSF is bringing to the table these days (heads up: we were very impressed).

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