Review: P-Mate Female Disposable Urine Director

Today we have a special treat – a brief review conducted by my wife & written by me!  We wanted to highlight a product that we’ve had in hand for a while and just recently got the opportunity to use (during a long bike ride) – the P-Mate!

The P-Made is described as a “Disposable Urine Director” so women can stand to pee (an increasingly crowded space with several other products making the same claim).  This concept is awesome because in addition to coming in handy while out in the middle of nowhere, the other benefit is that it means no more squatting over a gross toilet/portapotty.  Yet, the P-Mate is unique in the sense that it is made of paper and can be easily folded and stored in minimal space (and minimal).

My wife tried it and loved it.  She commented that it was a little weird not squatting – but that she could probably get over that with time.  She was more impressed with the product and felt it would be best served for toilets or portapotties as women’s underwear still needs to be dropped for the product to work (and that might be awkward in a more “public” location).  She suggested that we include some in our day bags for large outdoor events and hikes.

Overall, she highly recommends the P-Mate and given Amazon’s price point ($6.55 for a pack of 5), we both think they are fairly reasonably priced!  Learn more at:

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