Safe Insight: Tactical Knife Class (“Yeah, I Need to Sharpen My Knife…”)

Safe Insight: Practice Until You Can’t Get it Wrong

Like many folks, I carry a folding knife every day as part of my EDC.  My primary knife is a SOG Zoom Mini and while it’s primary duty is opening boxes – I’ve always entertained the idea that it could play a role as a defensive weapon if I was disarmed by a “gun free zone” or simply couldn’t access my carry gun.  With that in mind, it occurred to me that I might want to get some knife training and Mike, former LEO and owner of Safe Insight suggested that I join a class he was offering.

The course ran us through a number of several self defense fundamentals – including:

  • How close is “too close” when it comes to edged weapons?
  • How to hold a knife when engaged in self defense?
  • What type of a knife is truly dangerous?
Mike C. breaks down the technique

As we went through the class, it became clear that like many weapons – the knife was an extension of my basic physical ability to stop the threat, break contact and escape.  When attacked from behind, we practiced a technique to throw the attacker off balance and then draw our (training) blades.  Similarly, as we wrestled on the ground – the knife was not the first thing we grabbed – instead, we learned “the can opener” – before attempting to use a knife.

It was great to see the class went beyond talking, bullet points and PowerPoint slides…by getting hands-on (literally), I learned a lot about how to handle myself in a close quarters self defense situation.  Equally important – I learned that my carry knife is woefully dull.  I won’t ruin the surprise at the end of the class – but I did get to use my knife and it failed miserably.

I guess I need to head up to SOG’s corporate headquarters (in Lynnwood, WA) and get my knife sharpened and I recommend you head the same direction and take a class with Safe Insight!

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