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Review: Sightmark Signal N320RT Digital Night Vision Monocluar

Sightmark sent us this monocular for a 30 day testing and evaluation period, and I must say, it’s a slick unit.  Packed with features, ready to use out of the box and a smartphone app that really helps the unit shine.  Prices online for the N320RT vary from $399-478.

Stock photo from Sightmark

When I first unboxed this, I couldn’t wait for nightfall.  I dared not to turn this on in my bright living room because of the old notion that you could ruin your NV by exposing it to direct light.   After immersing myself in the instructions and online videos, I learned that this unit is capable of both day and night operation.

With 4.5x zoom as the lowest setting (up to 9x with digital zoom), use indoors was only useful in helping get acquainted with the unit.  Using outside, in the daylight is nothing more than looking through a slightly enhanced digital camera viewfinder.   It was still nice though to fidget with the buttons and app in daylight.

Button layout

Nightfall came and I headed outside for my first evening of playing around.  I live in a rural part of Olympia, WA.  Surrounded by trees with acreage around me, I felt it was a decent spot to play around with this new gadget.   I turned off all of my exterior lights and put the monocle (digital viewfinder) to my eye.  I was impressed with the amount of detail I was able to see at around 15-20 yards.  The IR emitter did a great job of reflecting on the foliage.  If it wasn’t for that 4.5x magnification, I feel like I could have navigated my property fairly confidently using only the monocle to guide me.

4.5 Default View

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