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Review: Sightmark Signal N320RT Digital Night Vision Monocluar

Sightmark sent us this monocular for a 30 day testing and evaluation period, and I must say, it’s a slick unit.  Packed with features, ready to use out of the box and a smartphone app that really helps the unit shine.  Prices online for the N320RT vary from $399-478.

Stock photo from Sightmark

When I first unboxed this, I couldn’t wait for nightfall.  I dared not to turn this on in my bright living room because of the old notion that you could ruin your NV by exposing it to direct light.   After immersing myself in the instructions and online videos, I learned that this unit is capable of both day and night operation.

With 4.5x zoom as the lowest setting (up to 9x with digital zoom), use indoors was only useful in helping get acquainted with the unit.  Using outside, in the daylight is nothing more than looking through a slightly enhanced digital camera viewfinder.   It was still nice though to fidget with the buttons and app in daylight.

Button layout

Nightfall came and I headed outside for my first evening of playing around.  I live in a rural part of Olympia, WA.  Surrounded by trees with acreage around me, I felt it was a decent spot to play around with this new gadget.   I turned off all of my exterior lights and put the monocle (digital viewfinder) to my eye.  I was impressed with the amount of detail I was able to see at around 15-20 yards.  The IR emitter did a great job of reflecting on the foliage.  If it wasn’t for that 4.5x magnification, I feel like I could have navigated my property fairly confidently using only the monocle to guide me.

4.5 Default View

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At the range with the Angel Armor – “Ally One”

At the 2017 SHOT SHOW, one of the items that turned all of our heads were the offerings from Angel Armor.  From magnetic ballistic plates to inserts that slide into your car door, they seemed obsessed with making everything bulletproof.

One of their products was called the “Ally One”.  It is a 9″x12″ ballistic “shield” that weighs less than a pound and is less than 1/4″ thick.

We were able to pick one of these up at SHOT  with the intention of seeing what it really could do.  When I was talking to the Angel Armor staff, I asked if they had tested it against the Federal HST, which is a leading choice in carry ammo.  They told me they had not.  A lightbulb went off in my head and I knew what needed to happen.

3 months later, and I couldn’t wait any longer. The hope was for nice weather, multiple camera angles, and a kick ass video.  Well, all I got was a kick ass video with a single camera angle.   I was assisted by a few other WaGuns members, as well as my 10 year old son, Ryan.

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The SilencerCo Hybrid – MOAC

You may have read the title asking yourself, “What is MOAC”, as you prepare yourself for a new tab, opening Google to find out.  Well, I’ll just tell you because Google will probably advise you poorly.  MOAC is an acronym that was made up, by me, specifically for the new SilencerCo Hybrid, and it stands for; “Mother Of All Cans”.

Flash back to January of 2016. SHOT Show is rapidly approaching and SilencerCo is planning on debuting this “super suppressor” capable of shooting almost everything in your safe, and your friends safe, without even flinching.  The WaGuns media team is frothing at the mouth about this and can’t wait for the NSSF Industry Day at the Range, just prior to SHOT.   That day we got to shoot what the Hybrid was touted as being able to do, tame the .45-70, and it did.

Upon further reading and visiting the SilencerCo booth at SHOT, I decided to take the plunge and buy one.  I got a hold of one of our local FFL’s, Rehv Arms, and started the process.  It took EXACTLY 7 months, 7 LONG months for me to finally take delivery of my new Hybrid.

My unobtainium – the Hybrid




This thing was much lighter than expected.  The fit and finish was nothing short of perfection, and the packaging was well done and easy to open (bonus for those who are super excited). Continue reading The SilencerCo Hybrid – MOAC