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You may have read the title asking yourself, “What is MOAC”, as you prepare yourself for a new tab, opening Google to find out.  Well, I’ll just tell you because Google will probably advise you poorly.  MOAC is an acronym that was made up, by me, specifically for the new SilencerCo Hybrid, and it stands for; “Mother Of All Cans”.

Flash back to January of 2016. SHOT Show is rapidly approaching and SilencerCo is planning on debuting this “super suppressor” capable of shooting almost everything in your safe, and your friends safe, without even flinching.  The WaGuns media team is frothing at the mouth about this and can’t wait for the NSSF Industry Day at the Range, just prior to SHOT.   That day we got to shoot what the Hybrid was touted as being able to do, tame the .45-70, and it did.

Upon further reading and visiting the SilencerCo booth at SHOT, I decided to take the plunge and buy one.  I got a hold of one of our local FFL’s, Rehv Arms, and started the process.  It took EXACTLY 7 months, 7 LONG months for me to finally take delivery of my new Hybrid.

My unobtainium – the Hybrid




This thing was much lighter than expected.  The fit and finish was nothing short of perfection, and the packaging was well done and easy to open (bonus for those who are super excited).I got home and instantly threaded it on my new Scorpion.

With the Hybrid attached, I call her the Platypus

Range Day – 10/10/2016

Range time!! Nick, Steve and myself headed out to the Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club in Olympia. I’ll let some pictures do some of the talking here, read the captions for details.

Hybrid mounted to my Tavor X95 – Result=Awesome
Nick shooting the Hybrid on the G41 – See the smile?
Steve shooting the… .45-70

My intention was to take a LOT of photos today, but I failed.  We had so much fun shooting, comparing and BS’ing that I just got lost in the moment.

But here is what I can tell you.

We shot this MOAC, side-by-side, against 2 different Form1 home made .30 cal cans, a Liberty Constitution, a Huntertown Arms Kestrel 5.56 as well as the SilencerCo Octane 45 & an Omega.  Let me tell you that the Hybrid did NOT disappoint.  If anything it out performed all the other cans that we had on all of our platforms used; Tavor, Scorpion, XDm, G41, AR’s, etc.

And as the above picture hinted to.. Yes, we did have a .45-70 there.  Steve is also waiting on the .gov approval for his Hybrid and preemptively bought this bad boy, then had it threaded by Fred at C.A.R. Firearms.  Besides SHOT, I had never shot a .45-70 before.  We warmed her up and sighted her in before attaching the Hybrid and that sucker KICKS like a mule, with a wild barrel.  But as soon as we attached the Hybrid, she was tamed.  You could ALMOST keep the target in the scope at as each round went down range.  Oh, I almost forgot the mention, totally hearing safe.  No ear protection was needed.

Hybrid doing what she’s meant to do…. MOAC

I’m sure you will see me writing some follow-ups to this, as I feel I will be shooting my new MOAC a lot more and frequently than my other cans.   If you haven’t had a chance to get your hands on one, do it.

If you are ever in the Olympia area and want to try it out, I am sure we can meet up at a range for a playdate.

Stay tuned for part 2 and more!

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  1. Cool! What barrel are you using on the G41? I’ve only been able to find one or two in threaded form for that one…

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