WaGuns Camping Reviews: SunJack 14W + 8000mAh Battery

I had a contact reach out to me and ask if I’d like to do a review of some products for the WaGuns blog and I figured my summer travels would be a great opportunity.  First up is the SunJack 14W + 8000mAh Battery solar charger which – I must note, was provided to me for free for the purposes of this *honest* review.

I brought the SunJack on trip to Mt. Rainier National Park in mid-July and was pleasantly surprised at its capabilities on a fairly overcast three-day trip.

Build quality seems fairly high, especially to another solar panel that I had purchased previously which had a very cloudy film all over the panels (and reduced charging efficiency; I did two warranty exchanges with that panel, it has never really worked).  The nice thing about the SunJack is that it includes a 8000mAh battery, although there are some downsides to that (more on this later).

SunJack catching some rays on a nearby tree stump

Overall the solar panels worked quite well, charging up the battery pack to half way (as far as I could tell from the blue indicator lights).  What that means realistically is anyone’s guess – but it was enough to juice up my iPhone 6s.

SunJack on the roof of my tent

Overall, I enjoyed having a way to produce free power for my devices while on vacation but there’s definitely one downside to the SunJack – weight.  If you use the included battery pack, the company’s specs list the entire package at 1.75 pounds (or 2.3 pounds according to Amazon).  You all know the saying – ounces turn into pounds and pounds turn into pain…even at 1.75 pounds, this is a hefty device to include into your pack when going on foot.  With highly rated 16,000 mAh battery banks (twice the capacity of the one included with the SunJack) weighing in at 10.9 ounces; it raises a lot of questions for me about when and where it would be appropriate to bring the SunJack.

Overall, cool piece of tech and an EASY entry into the solar charging market compared to other options but I have a lot of reservations about the capacity of the battery when you consider the weight of the entire system.  Ultimately, I’ll bring the SunJack again when I go car camping but it is highly unlikely to make it on a backpacking trip.

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